RJ is a method including several products and not just one product as conditioners. RJ should never be called or compared to conditioners, because the results are so dramatic and results instant e.g even the most severe breaking and crumbling stops immediately when RJ has been applied. Just one application is enough.

Since RJ is the only way to a thoroughly healthy and beautiful hair it gives the RJ treated hair so much more than just fixes breakage and splitting. It makes a person’s hair care so much easier by giving the hair before unseen manageability and making the daily routine a breeze so very, very easy. No conditioners are ever needed.

What will definitely amaze you, how people notice the change in the way the hair behaves and shows after RJ treatment. RJ is applied only 3 to 4 times a year.
If you want to know what RJ does to your hair, take RJ Hairtest, if you have not done so already.

As a professional seeking something revolutionary for your clients, you have it in RJ Method a way differentiate from other professionals and salons, because the results are so dramatic and unbelievable. You will be professionally “the talk of the town”. You are not offering to your clients another conditioner among thousands of others, but something that is unique and one of a kind. RJ Rebuilder is applied ONLY 3 to 4 times a year.and makes the hair thoroughly healthy by restructuring the damaged and unmanageable hair. Visit our professional pages for more info!

In our Picture Gallery you can see the dramatic change in the hair before and after RJ has been applied. You can also see, how manageable the hair is and how it moves freely without forming any bunches and how each hair strand is separated
from each other. This is what gives RJ treated hair its fullness and volume, so it is just full of air. The result is completely the opposite compared to, what the conditioners give to the hair. They weigh the hair down, the more the thinner the hair is. Read about conditioners and conditioning shampoos

Here on our website you’ll find much information about daily hair care and how easy it is, when you use RJ.

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Now is the time for summer fun in the sun, water and wind. Prepare yourself for damages to the hair, which can be prevented or repaired!

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