For strong, shinier, fuller, thicker set of hair.

RJ HairMax is a vitamin, mineral, and trace element supplement, where the ingredients are balanced and combined together in a way to give the maximum benefits for new hair growth. The volume of the hair growing from the scalp will increase to the maximum. The hair will grow a lot faster, thicker, fuller, and stronger.

Who needs RJ HairMax?

Everyone, who has lost hair or whose hair is thinning after:

use of bad chemicals

blood pressure medications

heart medications


child birth


thyroid problems

use of wigs

use of extensions


oily scalp

just growing older

just a few reasons to mention.

How many times have you asked, isn't there any vitamin or mineral supplements to make my sparse and thin hair fuller and thicker?
Now there is:
RJ HairMax!

An important note

For you to get the most out RJ HairMax it is important that your scalp is clean and free of oil, free of build-up from conditioners
 and conditioning shampoos. Then your hair follicle has a much easier task to produce new hair from the scalp.
Therefore we strongly recommend for you to buy the RJ HairWash as your regular shampoo,
which does not coat nor form
 any build-up on your scalp nor your hair
RJ PreWash is
to remove the existing build-up from your scalp and hair and to get rid of the stiffness.

How to order:

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