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The RJ Method

the only"medicine" for the hair itself, an all-in-one, built-in method.

The Instruments

The Professional Instrument

has two rod sizes so a hair that is even less than half an inch long can be treated with RJ. It also gives a total of  how much RJ liquid is used for each section. So from one vial it is possible to get from 5 to 10 applications depending on the volume of the hair being treated. To get a glimpse how to use it. The metal parts of Professional Instrument are made of copper, because copper strengthens hair follicles. This way RJ gives the total hair care from the ends to the follicles.

       The Personal Instruments

      for people who do apply RJ to their own hair.

Flat Instrument (FI)

is the easiest to use of the instruments, since it is fully automated and is best suited for curly and wavy hair.

Round instrument (RI)

gives the user more control over the procedure and adds to a fine hair more body than the flat.

                  The two active RJ Liquids



Milky Liquid

is used whenever there is damages in the hair as breakage, splitting, frizziness, dryness etc..
RJ Milky will stop these in about an hour! It is always best to start your RJ hair care with it.



Clear Liquid

 is used when the hair is healthy, but very stubborn and difficult to manage.
It works miraculously on curly and kinky hair as well as straight hair.

RJ Sealant



Pink Liquid

 is used after the Milky or Clear application to seal the treatment into the hair. The Pink makes it permanent.  Never forget it!

Complementing RJ products



RJ PreWash

is used before doing the actual RJ to prepare the hair for the treatment. It breaks down the coating caused by different products like conditioners, conditioning shampoos, gels etc..



RJ HairWash

is used for normal washing of the hair in between the treatments to keep up the treatment without causing any buildup on the hair.

Other RJ products



    RJ HairMax

is used, when the hair is thinning for some reason and the scalp does not produce enough new hair. For more info about HairMax.

The difference between HairMax and RJ Method is that HairMax produces more new hair and RJ Method is for the problems in the existing hair.




Picture Gallery:

RJ in caucasian hair

RJ in Afro Hair

RJ in Asian hair


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