RJ PreWash & RJ HairWash 


RJ HAIRWASH is a very important part of the total RJ Hair Care System, because its purpose is to clean and maintain the RJ treated hair between the treatments. Whenever RJ treated hair is washed IN SALON OR AT HOME RJ HAIRWASH should be used to get all the benefits of the treatment. If any other shampoo is used, some of the advantages achieved with the treatment are lost e.g.the movement of the hair,manageability, lift, obedience, airiness.
RJ HAIRWASH is non coating [ does not leave any residue on the surface of the hair] and it prolongs the life of the RJ Treatment. It is biodegradable. IT IS ALSO ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY. Does not pollute.
RJ HAIRWASH is highly recommended as a regular shampoo, even for not RJ treated hair, because it will not coat the hair.

RJ PREWASH is not regular shampoo and should not be used as one. It has to be used before every RJ treatment. This prepares the hair for the RJ treatment. The purpose of the product is to very thoroughly clean the hair from dirt and to break the coating and the buildup on the hair surface caused by conditioners and conditioning shampoos. If a person by mistake or otherwise uses a conditioner and thus loses part of RJ manageability[e.g. lift, airiness, and obedience]. A new RJ treatment is not necessary, all that is required, is to wash the hair witth RJ PREWASH. 
NOTE: RJ PREWASH can also be used when ever a heavy coating is found on the hair e.g. before a curly perm or a color to improve the result. 

Hair help you can use!
Whenever you notice unusual behavior in your hair like unmanageability or your hair does not obey as it used to. It starts feel heavy and will not hold the set. Your hair is bunching and the wind cannot move it, so it just hangs there.
When this happens you have an easy way to bring your hair back to its former glory!
All you need is RJ PREWASH to remove the coating and build-up and then use RJ HAIRWASH which cleanses the hair without forming a coating or build-up.                                                    
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