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The only real help for all those "bad hair days"

RJ is a complete concept by itself and cannot be compared to anything else in the wide hair care business.

RJ gives such amazing results that it is many times very hard to believe, until you have it in your own hair.


Nothing comes even close to RJ Rebuilder for Hair Disorders and Problems!


What does RJ do for the hair?

In the following we will study it from three different aspects to give you a clear picture, how you can benefit from the tremendous impact RJ has on the hair itself.

For that reason we have divided this article in three segments:

1. The health of the hair.

2. The obedience of the hair.

3. The general improvements in the hair.

The health of the hair!

RJ really heals the hair inside out from all those damages caused by the different chemicals and other factors.

The usual conception is that when the hair has been damaged there is no way of repairing it. The only alternative would be cutting the damaged parts. This is the old fashion way to do it, before RJ.

When you have the RJ, the remedy to a damaged hair is no more just cutting it, because RJ will make your hair so healthy that it instantaneously stops the hair from breaking and crumbling and even delivers the hair its natural elasticity, which always lacks from a damaged hair.

Because RJ stops your hair from breaking and crumbling, it will fix also all the other damages in the hair such as dryness, porosity, damaged by sun, split ends, etc..

RJ Hair Rebuilder can be used as a First Aid in most critical situations, when the hair is crumpling and breaking caused by the use of relaxers, curly perms, colors, bleaches etc. Each of these chemicals damages the hair every time, no matter how carefully they are applied. However, the crumpling and breaking stops instantaneously after the first RJ.

RJ Hair Rebuilder is also used to prevent such situations mentioned above from happening. When used as a prevention against crumbling, breaking and all other damages, the hair stays strong, healthy, and beautiful all the time despite all those chemicals. Your hair needs RJ applied to it only 3 to 4 times a year.

The obedience of the hair!

RJ gives the hair an obedience, which is so out this world that it sounds like it is impossible. Imagine a hair so stubborn that you would have to use all the tricks of the book to make it do what you want, become after one RJ Hair Rebuilder so obedient that no add-ons such as setting lotions, gels, moisturizers, activators, or heat is needed to get the style you want.

The best example of the obedience that RJ builds into the hair is, when a virgin kinky hair can be set with e.g. rollers without pressing or relaxing it before, and still achieve a perfectly smooth hairdo in a healthy and vibrant hair. Since RJ can do this to a virgin hair, imagine what it does to all those otherwise unmanageable sets of hair of any race.

The general improvements in the hair!

RJ Hair Rebuilder improves the over all quality of the hair so much that many things are not the bad way they were in a damaged or unmanageable hair.

For example once the hair has been vaccinated with RJ, it dries after shampooing instead of an hour, only 20 minutes,[no more sitting under the drier for ages.] because it is so healthy, smooth, silky, and not at all porous or brittle so does not suck excessively water any more. The hair does not even tangle any more.

After RJ Hair Rebuilder the hair is so healthy, there is no need for conditioners or conditioning shampoos any more.

The general maintenance of the hair becomes so easy, because it behaves and feels like never before. The biggest relief is that there is no need to sleep with the rollers any more, the set holds and holds what seems like forever.

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